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What does a newborn need?

In addition to much affection, a newborn baby will need diapers. At first, it is normal to change between 8 and 10 times daily. Whenever you clean it, it is best to use a little cream to avoid scabbing, especially in the area of ​​the folds. To prevent future back pains, it is best to use a firm shifter that reaches waist height, and always have everything at hand. If at the time of changing the diaper your baby is away from home, you can use a changing bag that can be hung in any car ride.

In addition to diapers and all necessary supplies for changing and bathing, newborn babies will need comfortable, breathable cotton clothing (if organic), and a couple of cooing or touching. The amount needed depends on the consumer, but we must be cautious because regurgitation and escapes are quite common.

You also need a small crib or bassinet for sleeping, an approved car seat and a stroller, as it is very important that children receive sunlight (not direct sunlight) every day. If it is winter, a plastic for rain and wind becomes almost imperative, and if it is summer, an umbrella.

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