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Warm Colors, Warm Fabrics: Designer Modes For The Winter

It’s that time again. The winter has conquered the wardrobe – and for a few new, exclusive favorite pieces there is of course still space. Winter holds some trends. From sumptuous performances with precious stones, velvet and brocade to elegant simplicity, geometric forms and the simple black and white trend, everything is there. It may glitter and glitter, but at the same time be reserved and straightforward. So everyone will find the right look for his type.

The trends at a glance

This winter is much allowed. The designers send their models in glamorous outfits with precious stones and shiny embellishments over the catwalk. But also the dazzling metallic look is back. Geometrical shapes are also very popular. Best in black and white. Stripes are, for example, still fashionable, but may be worn a bit thicker in winter. Striking block strips are program. If you like something simpler, you will also find it. Warm natural tones and a beautiful Bordeaux red are the trend and can be elegantly combined with each other.

Shoes and accessories

Of course an outfit will only be perfect with the matching footwear and striking accessories. Here, too, the great designers have come up with a lot. Generally this winter always boots, but also with biker and ankle-boots one is well on the way. For the big performance in the evening it may be something extravagant. High heels with glittery petticoats or a metallic look give the impression. The paragraphs may be extremely high this season. This look is often enhanced by an integrated plate sole. To keep your hands and hands warm, fur is a must. Above all, Fake Fur is big again. It is not quite as expensive and looks chic. But also Grobstrick can be worn. Both as a scarf or cap as well as a sweater. This should however be over sized and best be worn to a leggings or pantyhose, instead of a dress.

The coming winter is by no means boring. Straightforward simplicity, graphic patterns, glittering outfits and much more await us. With this concentrated selection, everyone can find a look which corresponds to their personal taste.

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