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TIPS: When Buying children and baby’s shoes

Cute to look at are – fashionable shoes for children from the crab to the school age.

Not infrequently, parents can be tempted to buy particularly pretty shoes for their child without having to deal more extensively with their equipment.

It is particularly important to pay attention to good quality.

Many problems which occur in the adult age in the knees and lower limbs, in the lumbar, hips and spine, can be attributed to insufficient footwear during childhood.

The healthy growth of children’s feet

In this respect, care can not be taken to keep the healthy growth of children’s feet in mind. High-quality shoes and fashionable looks do not have to be excluded. Decisive for the purchase should therefore not be the color or the favorite comic figure of the sprout on the shoe, but what the footwear offers inside. In a good specialty store, the feet and the way in which the child goes will be looked at first. Because healthy children’s and baby’s shoes have to be adapted exactly to their needs. A good child’s shoe should be light, soft and flexible – made of leather or a breathable fabric.

Children feet grow fast

When purchasing children’s and baby’s shoes, it should never be forgotten that the feet of preschoolers grow up to three numbers annually. Since the bones in the foot area are soft and deformable and the nervous system of the feet is still in development, children feel pressure and pain less than adults who feel uncomfortable in oppressive shoes. Above all, toddlers feel almost no complaints, so parents do not always notice the same when the shoes are too small. It is therefore advisable to measure the child feet at this age approximately every two months to determine whether they have grown. This check is required between 3 and 6 years every four to six months.

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