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One thing you should know about the baby’s dream

A newborn does not differentiate between day and night and this learning can take between one and two months. In addition, at these ages can also present colic and intestinal discomfort that make the sleep of children very difficult.

Babies are born with only two of the four stages of sleep that adults have. Around the 6 months they acquire the rest. Learning to master them often means an increase in nocturnal awakenings.

Shortly after, at about 8 months, the stage of separation anxiety begins. During this phase, babies often wake up more often because they need to know that their mother is around.

The appearance of the discomfort caused by the eruption of the teeth also prevent the baby to rest properly. In addition, other milestones in their psychomotor development (such as sitting, crawling, walking, etc.) also disturb them greatly and prevent them from resting. To this must be added that from the year and a half more or less begins the stage of nightmares and shortly after the night terrors.

The truth is that the first years of a child’s life are full of very stressful changes for them that impact on their dream. In addition, any change in daily life also interferes with their nights.

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