vaginal fungus

The vaginal fungus

The origin of a vaginal fungus is usually not a yeast fungus that is found on the body of humans. Men and women have him in different parts of the body. Usually it can be detected where it is moist and warm – for example, in the mouth or intestine ! Its small number is negligible, but under certain circumstances it becomes a source of infection. About three out of four women were already suffering from this fungal infection . This makes it next to the intestinal fungus one of the most common infectious diseases.

Vaginal fungus symptoms

The most striking symptom of the vaginal fungus is a noticeable itch in the front of the female reproductive organs, which is also expressed by a sharp burning sensation. Affected is above all the vaginal entrance . In addition, it may come to an increased outflow, which looks slightly yellowish and reminds of the smell of yeast. Externally, the vaginal fungus shows in the form of redness or swelling, as the affected tissue reacts to the pathogens.

Women who have ever had vaginal yeast recognize the symptoms of a second infection, although they may not always be of the same intensity and number. On the contrary! Many sufferers complain only about a strong itching or redness . As a rule, the vaginal fungus has reached its peak after about three days and should be medicated.

Treatment OF vaginal fungus

A spontaneous self-healing is rather the exception in a vaginal fungus and it would be too nerve-wracking to wait because of the strong itching . Instead, it is advisable for women who have already had experience with this fungal infection to self-treatment with over-the-counter, available in the pharmacy, such as Canesten® GYN . After no more than three to four days of use the affected woman feels a clear relief of the symptoms. Another drug against a vaginal fungus are kadefungin and clotrimazole. They are also available without a doctor’s prescription at the pharmacy of your choice.

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