Counter-current systems

The pool at home

The pool is becoming a real dream for more and more people. At the time of purchase you should pay attention to for what you would like to use the pool. If the space in the garden is more suitable for a small pool and you do not want to miss it as a swimming pool, you can also use a counter-current system as an accessory. A counter-current system ensures movement in the water, it is pressed against the float. So you swim almost in one place, but you can also swim its tracks, because one floats so to speak against the current. But you can also get a kind of whirlpool with  counter-current system with the appropriate nozzles, . The nozzles suck in the water and press it with a high pressure against the mass to be massaged.

Counter-current systems can be mounted permanently or can be obtained in a freely suspended manner. Therefore you can retrofit your pool, which you maybe already in the garden. However, it is important for the counter-current systems that the water is in a clean state. Therefore, if you want to buy a counter-current system, it is advisable to consult a pool cleaner which is best used . There are also a lot of differences from automatic to manual cleaning. Pools consist of different materials and so it is important to use the right pool cleaning. Otherwise plastic can quickly become porous.

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