Instead of asserting myself, I attack …

In contrast to the flight, we obviously have the attack. Like flight, the attack is a natural and archaic behavior in the face of danger. Always the same story, always fear, the same fear of being in danger. When a person is aggressive, she is afraid. She does not feel strong enough, built to impose […]


Emotional intelligence and violence in school

As early as 1990, those who highlighted the concept of “emotional intelligence” at Case Western University were worried by alarming statistics that showed a surge in violence among the very young, unrest growing psyche in young adolescents. At the time, these statistics concerned the United States, but as lifestyles became more standardized, projections in a […]

winter sport

Brace yourselves… Wintersport is coming!

The winter is approaching in great steps and so we have the time to spend more time inside. But this is precisely why our defenses are in the basement and we are getting more quickly and more frequently. That’s why you should not do without regular sport in winter. For many people, it is absolutely […]

What to wear at the first date?

At the first date everyone wants to convince and make the best possible impression. Therefore, clothes, make-up and appearance should be planned in advance. Many people even get the right outfit before the appointment. This ensures the best quality and the latest models. Hair style and outfit should also be balanced. Outfit for men Fashion-conscious […]