baby's shoes

TIPS: When Buying children and baby’s shoes

Cute to look at are – fashionable shoes for children from the crab to the school age. Not infrequently, parents can be tempted to buy particularly pretty shoes for their child without having to deal more extensively with their equipment. It is particularly important to pay attention to good quality. Many problems which occur in […]

Garden at home

How to Plant a Garden at Home

It is important for children to understand the value of effort, patience and dedication, and their direct relationship with luck and success. Like everything in this life, to learn this teaching the best is experience, not words. When children are small, children need the consequences of their actions to be immediate, in order to understand […]

childhood obesity

Epidemic of childhood obesity

Times have changed a lot. In the past, the mothers were proud of the cheeks and tortoises of their children, a reflection, they said, of good food and health. However, according to nutrition experts, what matters is not that the child is fat or thin, but that the child is healthy. According to the World […]

Natural breastfeeding to combat childhood obesity

Natural breastfeeding to combat childhood obesity

Michelle Obama had started her crusade against childhood obesity in the Let’s Move campaign by supporting breastfeeding. It has been proven that breastfed children are less likely to be obese. “Breastfed babies are 22 percent less likely to be obese,” she said. The message is directed primarily at the black community, where up to 40 […]

mother's milk

Breastfeeding – far more than just nutrition

Breastfeeding means much more than the best and healthiest food for a child. It is also food for the soul. Breastfeeding also allows the infant to satisfy his need for body contact and proximity. What mothers have known in many primitive peoples from thousands of years has also been confirmed scientifically: for children the frequent […]