Smoking mother

Smoking mother are more at the risk of cardiac malformation

The eternal question of the pregnant smoker:

What is better than not smoking or reducing the number of cigarettes? Well it would be best to leave it before getting pregnant or in any case leave it only to know the news of good hope. But eliminating the cigarette habit at that time can cause an anxiety in the mother that can be more harmful than the tobacco. That is why gynecologists, before the mother is in a state of permanent nervousness, opt to recommend that the woman smoke the minimum, one or two cigarettes if possible and never more than five.

If smoking is bad for anyone, when the woman is pregnant is not only a habit harmful to her but also for the small one inside. Many studies show this: By directly affecting the lungs, they receive less oxygen and food. This can affect the baby’s weight at birth (on average about 200 grams less than babies of nonsmoking mothers). It also increases the risk of premature birth, cleft lip, hyperactivity, behavior problems, sudden death, malformations and respiratory diseases and allergies. In addition, a new study, published in the journal Pediatrics, warns of the risk of smoking during the first trimester of gestation (precisely when almost all organs are formed): increases by 30 percent the risk of the fetus suffering cardiac malformations.

Taking Advantage of Smoking Cessation in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be used by the woman to stop smoking definitely. Half return to smoking after six months of birth. When a year has passed the percentage increases to 80 percent. Only four out of ten pregnant women are able to quit on a voluntary basis. With tobacco smoke, the fetus is more likely to suffer certain types of cancer in the future. Even if exposure to nicotine is high they can be born with withdrawal syndrome and show more crying and irritable because they no longer receive their dose. Another study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health, shows that the harmful effects of smoking are transmitted from smoking grandmother to grandchildren.

Tobacco smoke contains more than 2,500 chemicals. The more cigarettes the pregnant woman smokes, the worse for the baby. If you do not stop smoking before you become pregnant, ask your doctor for help when you are pregnant.

Your behavior depends to a large extent on the good health of the fetus. If you need more information, in the center Harmony you can find professionals who help you take care of you through the course Pregnancy and Health.


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