SHOJI – Japanese Sliding doors for the home

Shoji bring a special atmosphere into every household. They represent the expression of traditional Japanese living culture. Meanwhile, they are also very popular in Europe. Craftsmen have already specialized in the custom-made creation of traditional Shoji. Shoji usually have a wood sprout construction, which is related to Japanese paper. This lightness is transferred to the living space, creating a bright, pleasantly airy atmosphere.

Small spaces appear larger and brighter than they are by using these Japanese sliding doors. They are made of light materials but still prove to be robust and durable. Repairs are possible if the reaped paper is destroyed by a misfortune. This is the advantage of local craftsmen. The doors can be custom-made and can be installed in the living room. A guide is usually installed at the top and at the bottom. Special constructions are available for roof slopes.

Beautiful, practical wall-mounted cabinets can be built using Shoji constructions. Prodigious cabinets fall victim to them. The light elegance arrives. Cabinets, for many a dream, are also possible through Shoji. There are no limits to the imagination, these traditional Japanese elements can change all rooms, create space rooms and feel-good oases by bringing lightness into life. Change the whole feeling of living, disappear unpleasant corners. Shelves and simply bring order to the house. Shoji can ensure that their own four walls gain heat again.

Build sliding doors by themselves

Skilled craftsmen can build these traditional sliding doors themselves. Building instructions can be found on the Internet. Thanks to the low material consumption even young people can furnish their first apartment comfortably and tastefully with their creativity and innovative ideas. Rooms refined by Shoji have a more comfortable room climate, all by themselves for the reason that cheap furniture, with possible harmful exhalations have been removed.

Shoji can be a cheap alternative to cabinets, which means that the first apartment can also be furnished with a small budget very healthy and tasteful.

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