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Prevent the miscarriage: Lack of zinc and copper increases the risk

Pregnant women with low levels of zinc and copper in their blood are more likely to have a miscarriage, according to research from the University of Granada (UGR). The lack of both or one of these trace elements is supplemented with the intake of dietary supplements. This action decreases, in the first trimester of gestation, up to 15 percent the possibility of miscarriage. The research was carried out with 265 pregnant women, of whom 132 had undergone a natural abortion in the last year and the remaining 133 with an evolutionary pregnancy.

One-third of the women who had an abortion were habitual smokers and 16.6 percent consumed coffee above the recommended dose. Abortion is the “most frequent complication of pregnancy,” and there is also “a tendency to repeat between two and five percent of couples,” explains Dr. Batra, one of the authors of the study. Department of Pharmacology, University of Torranto.

Factors to keep in mind to prevent the miscarriage

The death of the embryo is more frequent than occurs in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Above all it usually happens due to abnormalities of the fetus by an egg or defective sperm. But other factors, such as stress, infections, poorly controlled diabetes, thyroid problems, poor nutrition, or exposure to chemicals or pesticides, have also been shown to influence other factors. The lack of some minerals during gestation, such as magnesium or potassium (in addition to the B vitamins), has been shown to intensify pain when muscle cramps occur in the legs of the pregnant woman. A low level of folic acid can cause congenital malformations in the fetus, so it is necessary to take a supplement that gives us this vitamin. Even if you are planning to become pregnant, you must take folic acid before conceiving the child to prevent the effects of their deficiency (spina bifida, anencephaly and anemia, among other disorders).

Not only to prevent the miscarriage but to be prepared for that important moment in life is necessary for the mother to lead a healthy life and prepare both physically and mentally for childbirth. The HARMONY center adapts to the needs of the pregnant woman with a personalized course of preparation for childbirth. This service makes available to the expectant mother a physiotherapist who adapts the pregnancy preparation exercises to pregnant women with injuries that can not attend a group class.

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