Pilates for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very special situation in the life of any woman, in addition to a period of constant physical and emotional changes. That is why, pre-natal Pilates is recommended as it improves physical and mental health.

The Pilates Method is a very complete physical conditioning system in which body and mind work as a whole. This activity is composed of moderate and gentle exercises that are very suitable for any future mom who is in normal conditions.

The physical changes that occur during pregnancy cause the body to lose elasticity, so maintaining the posture becomes increasingly difficult to achieve, as pregnancy progresses. For this reason, it is very convenient to perform a physical activity from the first months of pregnancy to the postpartum.

From the physical point of view, the benefits of Pilates will be noticeable in the pelvic area, the abdominal area, buttocks and in the strength of the arms. Breathing is very important in practicing Pilates movements, and this also helps prepare you for proper breathing during childbirth. In addition, the constant practice of the Pilates Method during pregnancy, relieves lumbar pain (very frequent as the months advance) and improves blood circulation, avoiding possible varicose veins.

Objectives of Prenatal Pilates:

1.- Progressive adaptation of the body to the different stages of gestation to avoid sciatica and muscle pain resulting from the change of posture and weight gain.

2.- Tonification of those muscles that will work the most during the delivery, to make this moment a natural and simple.

3.- Strengthening of the pelvic floor and abdomen to achieve a rapid and effective postpartum recovery, with the lowest incidence possible.

Other goals are to increase the physical and endurance capacity in the face of childbirth and improve the relaxation process, helping to fall asleep.

A good pre-natal Pilates teacher

Pregnancy is wonderful, but also disturbing, so it is not always easy to connect our body and our mind. Aware of this situation, the HARMONY parents’ school has gone a step further, that is why, according to the director of this center, Cristina Barroso, “the people who teach these classes are experienced midwives, in addition to Fitball and Pilates. In this way, in addition to obtaining a physical and mental preparation, the pregnant woman attending the course has the opportunity to resolve those doubts that both concern “.

More and more centers specialize in pre-natal Pilates and there are also many centers where a great preparation for childbirth is done by midwives, but only this school unites both in a single space.

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