Use colored contact lenses to spice up the outfit

Use colored contact lenses to spice up the outfit

Contact lenses are totally in. This applies, however, not only to people with a weak vision, but also to those who want to put highlights on their outfit with contact lenses. For this purpose, particularly colored contact lenses are suitable. These are available in different colors as well as with different patterns. This way, you […]

A wonderful life for two

A wonderful life for two

Those who live in pairs can enjoy a great deal of freedom. Whether it is the housing arrangement, which only needs to be coordinated with the two, or things like food or business, as a couple one does not have to adhere to any specifications or under any constraints. So you can also enjoy the […]

perfume for men

Aftershave as a perfume for men

The fact that the masters of Creation take Perfume is a fact that has only been so successful for several years. It used to be the Aftershave, which was used by men. At that time also known as shaving water, Aftershave has become an indispensable product for most men. The different fragrances available on the […]

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2018 Fashion Show - Runway

Magnificent handbags for the autumn winter

The fashion autumn winter 2017 will be opulent. Especially accessories have their very big appearance in the coming weeks and months. The trend clearly goes to sumptuous luxury and sumptuous pomp. The handbag, which this autumn wants to become our beloved and irreplaceable companion, must therefore attract attention and make an impression. That is why […]

risk of miscarriage

Prevent the miscarriage: Lack of zinc and copper increases the risk

Pregnant women with low levels of zinc and copper in their blood are more likely to have a miscarriage, according to research from the University of Granada (UGR). The lack of both or one of these trace elements is supplemented with the intake of dietary supplements. This action decreases, in the first trimester of gestation, […]