Everything worth knowing about the shoemaker Nike

Founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, Beaverton is located in the US state of Oregon. Since 1989, the international sporting goods group has occupied the leading position among all the world’s competitors. Famous is Nike (pronounced Neiki) by its logo, which is called “Swoosh”. The Nike hook is one of the best-known […]

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots – not just for men

The Chelsea Boots were actually once classic men’s shoes, but as with many other modesty also, the women now have these at their feet. This has already been the case since 2011, with the designers here naturally having a feminine touch. For the ladies, the Chelsea boots are, of course, not just shoes that do […]

winter sport

Brace yourselves… Wintersport is coming!

The winter is approaching in great steps and so we have the time to spend more time inside. But this is precisely why our defenses are in the basement and we are getting more quickly and more frequently. That’s why you should not do without regular sport in winter. For many people, it is absolutely […]

sweatshirts for women

Sweatshirts Are Always Modern

The times when sweaters were associated with crocheting grandmothers in rocking chairs and whistling grandfathers have long been past. But on the contrary. Cardigans are becoming more and more modern, a trend that has been going on for years. There is no end in sight. Whether exclusive designer collections, adequate business models or inexpensive leisure […]

Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture for Comfort, Productivity, Health

Ergonomic furniture does not have to be boring Most people are still of the opinion that everything that is healthy must also be boring, and that applies in particular to furniture. Anyone who has ever looked at the ergonomic furniture of the new generation knows that this is not true. Chic and healthy Healthy eating […]


SHOJI – Japanese Sliding doors for the home

Shoji bring a special atmosphere into every household. They represent the expression of traditional Japanese living culture. Meanwhile, they are also very popular in Europe. Craftsmen have already specialized in the custom-made creation of traditional Shoji. Shoji usually have a wood sprout construction, which is related to Japanese paper. This lightness is transferred to the […]

Warm Fabrics

Warm Colors, Warm Fabrics: Designer Modes For The Winter

It’s that time again. The winter has conquered the wardrobe – and for a few new, exclusive favorite pieces there is of course still space. Winter holds some trends. From sumptuous performances with precious stones, velvet and brocade to elegant simplicity, geometric forms and the simple black and white trend, everything is there. It may […]