Omega 3 during pregnancy

Omega 3 during pregnancy reduces colds in babies

The known benefits of consuming Omega 3 during pregnancy now have been confirmed that added prenatal supplements of fatty acid would be extremely effective in reducing colds in babies, in addition to helping to develop the brain and nervous system.

What is recommended is to supplement the diet of the pregnant woman with Omega 3 since at least the third month of pregnancy, if possible if the idea is planned, the best option is to start ingesting it before being in an even state, and that the authors of the study indicated:

“Start prenatal supplements of folic acid and omega 3 about three months before pregnancy and continue to do so throughout the pregnancy. Supplements containing omega 3 are beneficial for the development of the fetus and the baby’s future health. “

When receiving Omega 3 during gestation children have fewer cold symptoms and shorter illnesses, according to the study 38% of children exposed to acid from the uterus during the first and third month of life experienced symptoms of influenza while that 45% of children whose mothers received a placebo medication became ill.

Usha Ramakrishnan, associate professor at the Hubert Global Health Department and the Rollins Public Health School at Emory University in Atlanta, the lead author of the study, comments:

“The data suggested that for most of the symptoms we observed, the duration of symptoms was shorter when mothers received Omega 3 and in the case of colds, the probability of occurrence was slightly lower. The effects seemed to be more potent soon after birth. “

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