The fireplace in the winter garden

Luxury: The fireplace in the winter garden

A winter garden is not only beautiful, but also a place of rest and relaxation. To be able to enjoy it even in winter, it must also be pleasantly warm, since not only the plants feel well, but also the human being.

The fireplace in the winter garden

If you are just building a house, it is very easy to plan a fireplace in the winter garden. Of course, the correct glazing also belongs to it, otherwise the plants in winter damage. If you want an open wood fireplace, it also needs a trigger, it must be connected to the chimney. You can easily do this with your architect, who can then use the fireplace in a professional manner.

Afterwards install a fireplace in the winter garden

You do not have to do without the nice atmosphere and the chilly warmth of a fireplace if you decide later. The easiest way is to install a chimney free in this case. There are very nice models, which are operated with burn gel or also with bioethanol. These fireplaces do not need a trigger, but spread the same pleasant warmth, and are also a view. These fireplaces are mobile, you can use them wherever you want.

A fireplace in the winter garden gives a touch of luxury

A very nice alternative is also the electric fireplace. It is also available in a very refined decoration, with wonderful ornaments that look like stone. You see how the wood burns, you have, of course, the warming effect, but without ash, soot and chimney. The interior of the electric fireplaces is usually made of metal, in which the “flames” are reflected amazingly real. A real fireplace in which the wood burns is beautiful, but the heat can hardly be regulated, it needs a chimney connection, and last but not least, it also makes a lot of work. However, you do not have to forego the luxury of a fireplace, thanks to the large selection of fireplaces without wood. The evening is almost like a holiday.

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