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Promoting good health in 2018 through Self-Awareness

Our body, our health .. For years, if our health is good, we pay little attention to the functioning of our body and we do not “hear” it. We think that it is invulnerable or exploitable to thank you .. we are sensitive to the pleasure that it can provide us and we discover, at the time of a flu or a seasonal illness, how much it can quickly “derail”. That’s basically the idea we can have on the issue.

The body is a system, which means that a slight problem of vision or cramp may have a different origin, which sends us signals (weak) for a while and we have not felt.

But this body speaks to us constantly through our senses. Every day it informs us by various small signals of the general state of “the machine”.

Let us take as an example, a pain of type, cervical pain, a contracture … first, when we notice it, when the phenomenon arrives at our “consciousness” it was formed and already existed. In this first stage, the pain manifests itself at certain moments and without necessarily realizing it, we make small movements to “unclip” the neck. But hey, we let time pass, we forget .. we get used .. This permanent tension we do not perceive it, because we are not used to paying attention. Yet it creates a stress in the body that begins to affect other organs, because the body will try to compensate by different actions so that we suffer less. We are also more tired, more irritable, but that too, we do not notice, we do not pay attention. And that has consequences in our daily life because we support less certain situations in our personal or professional life, we are more reactive …

Gradually dysfunction, installs, we can no longer sleep at night, the problem of cervical “seized” all the surrounding muscles that are “tense” permanently. There we suffer a lot, so our attention is captured, even and so, monopolized .. and we finally decide to act …

This simple example of no serious consequence demonstrates how deaf and blind we are to the signals of our body (and our mind).

We have not been taught to pay attention, to develop this self-awareness, so important, so vital. Take the time to listen and feel your body, take care of it, identify tensions, palpitations, small anomalies and immediately, correct a movement, a posture, drink a little more water, think simply breathe, stretch your legs …

In the context of the disease, the warning signs are there well in advance in many cases .. we do not arrive on an operating table or in a cardiac resuscitation center, without our body being not carefully took the time to address many messages to which we have not paid attention. Heartburn, shortness of breath faster, migraines, vision problems, increased fatigue, tingling, fleeting pain in the arm .. a cough that lasts, …

selfawarness health

Pay attention to gymnastics .. it is not a question of paranoia and rushing on all medicines or doctors of the earth as soon as a gust of wind gives us a cold .. no to nothing to see .. it’s just learning to take a few breaks .. at some point and deliberately focusing on yourself: “how do I breathe … do I hurt somewhere, back, neck .. how I feel my muscles, my joints, am I tired, are I thirsty … “and that’s all .. but it is in this space of attention, of conscience that we will notice in the long run , rehearsals that will tell us .. that it might be wise to go see his doctor ..

For 2018, we will all wish us good health .. because we all know that this is the subject by which everything starts. So this year, when we receive this wish, think of the fact that health does not fall from heaven and we have a certain margin and responsibility, in maximizing our chances of staying healthy, for those of us who are so lucky.

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