Feel like a Style Icon in Hollywood, L.A.

In Hollywood there are so many beautiful and stylish people as hardly in any other city. Over the years, L. A.’s present district has produced many stylistic elements. Marilyn Monroe, For example, who, with her blond curls and red lips, as well as her clothes, was both revered and feared by the women of her time. Audrey Hepburn is still one of Hollywood’s stylists. She became the model of countless women, with her famous look from “Breakfast at Tiffany”. She was an example of elegance and femininity that many women still emulate.

But even today, Hollywood brings new stylistic elements to the daylight or the spotlight. Actresses like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or Katie Holmes are famous for their style, as well as for their elegance and their casual chic. Whether you see them on the red carpets of this world or are quite casual when shopping or strolling in their spare time – they radiate style, where they go and stand and set new trends with their clothes and accessories.
In America’s dream factory, of course, not only female stylists can be found – although this term often first suggests exactly this idea. But when you think about men like Humphrey Bogart or Cary Grant, you know: there are also male stylists in Hollywood. Even in modern times they are not extinct. Actors like Al Pacino, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise continue the heritage and set trends for many men of different generations.

Whoever wants to emulate his role models – whether male or female – travels into the breathtaking Los Angeles. The city on the west coast of the USA attracts countless people every year; both for shopping as well as to watch tourist attractions such as the world famous Walk of Fame. Both fashion-conscious men as well as professional or hobby-minded fashionistas find in the many boutiques everything the (fashion) heart desires. It is already handy if you can pay your purchases easily with the credit card, instead of having to carry huge amounts of cash with you (which is not safe!) Or constantly to search for a banking machine.

In the evenings you can go to the party scene in LA – dressed completely or dressed up with smart accessories – or elegantly go to one of the luxury restaurants as one of the stylicons from the past (or even today) times to feel like a star.

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