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This year’s fashion trends offer many possibilities for variation

The color motto for all fashion enthusiasts is loud and discreet this year. While she is a good figure in rich red and yellow tones, he likes to be dressed in trousers and shirts with a colorful floral print. The pants should be a bit shorter here and close together to the ankle. If you prefer something more monotonous clothes, combined with bright accessories. Colorful towels, bags and bracelets are the new trends. A suitably colored sneaker can also be worn as a suit.

If that’s too much color accents are, with a somewhat decent color selection well advised. In addition to pastel tones, soft earth tones are very popular. As far as the light brown she wears dresses, corsets, skirts and blouses with glittering appliques. Toe separators with glittering stones and cords. For him, the combination of Bordeaux and gray  or black. White and stone-gray suits are an absolute must in this spring and summer. The military look is back in and anyone who still has a bomber jacket in the closet will get them out the best, the ever-recurring jackets are in this year’s fashion high in the course.

Ethnographic printing is also in fashion. Here you can combine well with plain tops and large necklaces. Uniforms should also be the tops which she wears to the strikingly patterned suits this year. There should not be too much movement in the optics.

With corsets, blouses, skirts and cloths a casual layer look is created. This applies to her and to him. The fabric, which is saved in the men’s trousers, is missing in the women’s fashion at the top. Free of the stomach is back in and that means for many women: way with the Winter special collection! Poor advice is this year with a jeans look, although much in this year’s collections in the eighties reminds. Another No Go are Lila and Greens. Mint, however, is in full swing. Otherwise, much is allowed. The right combination is important. And with the right accessory you can spice up many unobtrusive looks. Too much frills are out, but especially in the underwear again peak can be shown.

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