Fascination Ice Watch – Why are these watches so popular?

Wristwatches are not only the opportunity to experience the current time in any situation, but also the expression of fashion taste and lifestyle.

Since the year 2007 the brand Ice Watch watches in numerous colors offers the unmistakable basic design. The inventor Jean-Pierre Lutgen wanted to bring an affordable watch to the market, which is fashionable and should be offered in over twenty shades. That’s because the Ice Watch are sporting lifestyle products, which nevertheless have a certain esprit. Every season there is a current and even more unusual collection.

If you have an active recreation, you will appreciate the value of a wristwatch that does not easily become unpleasant when subjected to strong vibrations, humidity, temperature fluctuations and other external peculiarities. For Ice Watch watches, Eg the bracelet is made of silicone or PE plastic so that the contact with liquids does not cause any changes. The watch is worn by both men and women, thanks to the large dial with a rotating bezel. An especially eye-catching plus is the good readability of the time, since the dials are equipped with clear numbers and well-visible pointers. The lateral elevator crown with its different functions also proves to be especially user-friendly.


The Ice Watch is available in 4 different sizes:

“Small” with a diameter of 38 millimeters
“Unisex” with a diameter of 43 millimeters
“Big” with a diameter of 48 millimeters
“Big-big” with a diameter of 52 millimeters.

In addition to a countless color selection, the information in the watch block also impresses when these are equipped as a chronograph. Calendar function, stopwatch and weekday are here inter alia. deposited. The watches are light in weight and for this reason ideal companion through the day.

Perfectly one can buy the large selection of Ice Watch at goosefoot online. Here you have an overview, which colors are currently announced, which special features (such as crystals on the numbers or the bezel, instead of a thorn clasp possibly a safety folding clasp etc.) are possible and how perfectly matched even the trendy packaging so that the purchase of such a watch produces a coherent overall picture.



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