Everything worth knowing about the shoemaker Nike

Founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, Beaverton is located in the US state of Oregon. Since 1989, the international sporting goods group has occupied the leading position among all the world’s competitors.

Famous is Nike (pronounced Neiki) by its logo, which is called “Swoosh”. The Nike hook is one of the best-known trademarks of all time. It was designed by a graphic design student who received a very modest fee.

Already in 1972 the company Nike released their own shoe collection. The business success of the brand was strongly linked to the performance sport right from the start. Especially the sprinters quickly recognized the shoes, but also Michael Jordan, the basketball superstar, increased the fame of the Nike shoes. It was contracted in 1984 and, together with the company, designed its own collection, which brought more than 130 million US dollar sales under the brand “Air Jordan”.

In 1978 the sale of Nike products began in Europe. In 1994 the Brazilian football world champions were equipped by the industry leader. One year later, the Canadian ice hockey company Canstar was taken over, a. the brand builder belonged. In 1995 the later golf star Tiger Woods became the Nike shoes advertising icon, followed by the cycling pro and seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong.

In 2003, the company took over the Converse brand. Since 2005, Nike has been campaigning against racism for more tolerance in European football arenas. Today, the Group operates 14 department stores under the name “Niketown” in the USA, the UK, France and Germany. The first was born in 1990 in Portland, USA. In 1999 there was the first Nike store in Germany. The Nike sports shoes now enjoy even greater stamina.

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