Espresso machine or automatic coffee machine?

Good coffee in the morning belongs to the majority simply to have a perfect start to the day. For a long time no longer only simple coffee machines have been used, but sometimes sophisticated coffee machines and espresso machines. But which machine should be preferred here?

Are you satisfied with your coffee machine?

It does not always have to be the same as the coffee machines that are purchased. This is often the case with several hundred euros to book, and are often equipped with so many adjustment possibilities that the newcomer in the range of the fully automated machines come together. Sure, whoever brings such an all-rounder to coffee in the house, can also assume to be technically full on the high.

Questions of energy efficiency and environmental compatibility are becoming more and more up-to-date, and consumers can hardly afford to put a real energy swarm on the net. However, as a whole, the newer units are designed to be energy-saving throughout without sacrificing technology.

Espresso Machines for Nostalgic

Nostalgic under the coffee drunken would rather swear on the Espresso machine with Siebträger. This is not surprising because, in principle, most of the coffee specialties can be produced with such a classic. A bit of creativity and skill is needed, but if you have the certain twist, like a coffee machine, you can make good coffee. And is a large automatic coffee machine for nothing but a very large espresso machine with additional functions? Just.

La PavoniAmongst the most hard-spirited, a La Pavoni is still to be found, which is still operated by manual force, and here the product is, of course, particularly delicious; which certainly is the case here as with the other devices: who saves on the coffee and espresso beans will ultimately not get a good coffee and espresso.

If you are a little bit tired of experimenting, you will always find the right combination of coffee beans and setting options – whether it is a coffee machine, an espresso machine or a simple coffee machine.




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