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Enjoy the best coffee with professional coffee machines

Simple preparation and dazzling appearance

With coffee machines you get your coffee at home as delicious as the Italians around the corner, if not better. For those who drink a lot of coffee and enjoy it very much, coffee machines are practically a must. The coffee machines are easy to operate with just one button, they clean themselves and you can make a lot of coffee from it. Coffee machines are therefore all-round talents when it comes to coffee brewing. Moreover, they are visually very demanding. Some of the designs have already won awards at the reddot design. So you get not only a practical device into the house, but also a design piece, which makes a very good coffee.

Many recipes and coffee varieties

If you have a coffee machine, you can conjure up many delicious coffee specialties. You get not only delicious coffee crema, but also a powerful espresso or the perfect cappuccino with a beautiful milk froth. You can also make milk froth at the machines, also at the push of a button. That means you can also make a great latte macchiato. Many different additives such as syrup or sugar sweeten the taste. You can also mix different alcohols and hot chocolate with your favorite coffee, for the cold season.

The right coffee bean

The most popular coffee bean that almost everyone in the world likes to drink is the Arabica. This bean comes originally from Ethiopia, but is now grown in all tropical countries, like Brazil or Colombia. On this bean is something special and noble, which is different from other coffee beans, it does not have such a strong caffeine content and also not so much acid. This is probably why the Arabica, probably the most comfortable and most sold bean in the world. The taste of the coffee bean also depends on roasting. If the bean is roasted only “light”, it is also called cinnamon roasting, then it is intended for people with light stomach problems. The opposite of this, the very strong roasting, which is also called Spanish roasting is the taste bitter and oily.

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