Drinking Coffee While Pregnant

Drinking Coffee While Pregnant: How much caffeine is harmful to the child?

Coffee is not to be imagined without the breakfast tables. And since coffee has become a fashion drink of us through numerous variations, it is often unconsciously enjoyed throughout the day. But what many people forget is that coffee contains caffeine. A psychoactive drug, which has a stimulating effect in small amounts but can be particularly harmful to pregnant women.

Increased enjoyment increases the risk

Women who have not had coffee or other caffeine-containing drinks should avoid this during pregnancy and lactation. Researchers have found that the amount of 200 milligrams of caffeine a day doubles the risk of miscarriage. Why the substance has so great an influence on the unborn is unclear, but it is assumed that the still immature metabolism of the child can badly process the caffeine and thus drastically disrupts the development of the fetus.

Small amounts are safe

Quantities below the much controversial 200 milligram limit, on the other hand, are harmless to the unborn child and have little effect on the baby during lactation. This knowledge is shared by all studies. Thus, two cups of coffee distributed throughout the day can be drunk completely soothe and are a true pleasure for many fresh-baked mothers in the morning.

Different researches confirm different results

Over the years, many research teams have dealt with the effects of caffeine on the unborn child and infants. The most varied results were published. Some were of the opinion caffeine is completely unconscious to enjoy, others limited this to two cups a day. In the end, every mother and child is different and reacts differently to caffeine. The enjoyment should be limited as far as it goes, but from one to two cups of coffee a day is no danger. And the mothers, who long for more coffee flavor, can rely on caffeine-free coffee.

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