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Dental health for Healthy lifestyle

Beautiful teeth are only given to most people by nature. In most cases, a lot must be done for the teeth to remain healthy and vital and thus create a beautiful look. Because a smile says more than many words can and because of the smile, many people decide about sympathy or antipathy. But how can healthy teeth be preserved into old age?

Dental Health about the food

A tooth needs healthy food. The supply of the whole body with vitamins and minerals as well as all other vital substances is a prerequisite for a tooth to be vital and beautiful. In addition, the food directly acts on the teeth – clearly, but the incisors bite and the jaws grind the food small. Those who are often sugary products must pay particular attention to regular cleaning – or, better still, to dispense with sugar as much as possible. (see also: lexicon) But other foods such as bread are also converted to sugar when small residues remain between the teeth. Simultaneously, in the end, an aggressive acid is formed which attacks the molten tooth and causes the unsightly holes to develop.

Discoloration is also caused by food. Red wine, coffee and nicotine cause the teeth to discolor. This veil should be regularly removed by means of a medical tooth cleaning, in the end, only the bleaching usually helps.

Dental Health about sports

Healthy teeth about sports? However, movement also plays with it. After all, the teeth are not dead appendages, but are supplied with oxygen and nutrients via their roots. These, in turn, are abundant in the blood when the body is moved in the fresh air. The whole blood circulation is improved, and also that of the tooth roots. Especially when teeth are no longer 100% vital, it is important to preserve the rest of the “life” in the tooth, because non-vital teeth often react with a dark coloration, which is why they do not to be supplied with nutrients. In the initial stage the bleaching still helps, later veneers are often used.

Dental Health: No jewelery

Many people find small rhinestones beautiful when these are glued to the teeth. However, this damages the teeth and not infrequently can be seen after removal of the jewelery where this was attached. Bacteria also become more easily attached to the edges of the stones, causing caries in the worst case because the molten tooth has been attacked. Therefore, such jewelery should not be left on your teeth for long.

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