Crocs shoes

Crocs shoes – the cozy rubber boots

They are colorful, round and comfortable, the Crocs shoes from the USA, which have been running since 2002 as a triumph.

Many colors are available – next to shrill turquoise and light green, there are also subtler colors, which are not so obvious.

But just the colors love the fans of the Croc shoes, because they make good mood.

The plastic shoes are not only practical and waterproof, but also extremely comfortable and ideal for sports, leisure, house and garden.

Connect with leisure outfits

They look best at casual leisure outfits such as shorts or miniskirts, but can also be worn to frayed jeans. The Croc shoes popular with old and young are extremely light, because they are made from a foamed material. They are a sales sling as in previous years the clogs with wooden sole and, the world-coveted flip-flops or espadrilles made of fabric.

The material of Crocs shoes

PCCR (abbreviation of English: Proprietary closed-cell resin) is a non-porous plastic material in which bacteria and fungi do not settle easily. This makes Crocs less susceptible to odors and thus more hygienic than comparable plastic shoes. When heated, they conform to the foot shape.

Croc shoes models

The classic among the cozy rubber boots are the beach crocs. They have a slightly elevated heel with a holder and are open at the back. On the front shoe air holes provide oxygen supply. The model Cayman is somewhat narrower and is also offered for children. Meanwhile, the range of Crocs shoes has been expanded to include children’s boots, low-boots and comfortable toe-web sandals in flip-flop style. There are also special Crocs stores in some cities, where the whole multicolored product range is available. This includes the Crocs Mammoth, a fur-lined Crocs Cayman. Real fans buy Jibbitz, little jewelry for the holes of the Crocs, to spice them up individually.

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