cordless grass trimmer

Gardening with a cordless grass trimmer

A grass trimmer is very flexible in the garden used. In contrast to a large lawnmower, it is easily operational in a few seconds. Gasoline or cordless grass trimmers increase this flexibility further because they do not need to be connected to the power supply. Hard-to-reach areas of grass on edges or slopes are no longer a problem with a cordless grass trimmer .

Advantages of a  Cordless grass trimmer

A cordless grass trimmer , however, has other unbeatable advantages in it, which throws his electricity or gasoline-powered brothers out of the race. Battery operated grass trimmers are generally lighter and quieter while working. Unpleasant exhaust gases, through which an air pollution, as well as slight odor annoyance takes place, belong to the past. Clean gardening with the help of lithium-ion battery .

What to look for when buying a cordless grass trimmer?

Since working with a cordless grass trimmer is usually done floating, the main focus is on the weight of the trimmer. So that the work is easy and the arm is not too heavy, a cordless grass trimmer should bring a maximum of four kilograms out of the balance. The lightweights under these garden tools even weigh only two kilograms. Another important criterion is the height adjustment of the telescopic rod or the handle. A range of 90 – 120 centimeters should not be a problem for good devices.

In addition to a sufficient battery run-up, the number of revolutions of the reamer blade or the mowing line is crucial for the choice when purchasing a cordless lawn trimmer . They should be at least 8000 to 10,000 revolutions. For larger grass areas , it may be useful to buy a second battery. The mileage of the included battery should be sufficient for 1000 meters running. Small extras such as a foldaway guide wheel, so you do not permanently work freely from the hand must be nice, but not absolutely necessary.

If you follow these tips and advice when buying a cordless lawn trimmer , you will enjoy your garden care product for a long time and realize that with the right tools, the care of the home garden can be a pleasure.

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