Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots – not just for men

The Chelsea Boots were actually once classic men’s shoes, but as with many other modesty also, the women now have these at their feet. This has already been the case since 2011, with the designers here naturally having a feminine touch. For the ladies, the Chelsea boots are, of course, not just shoes that do not stand out from other boots. The typical characteristic of these shoes are, of course, also the feminine variants, namely the rubber band kit, which are mostly in black (as with the men), but the women can also be quite red and dark blue.


These provide especially for putting on comfort and comfort. In addition, you can go in these boots excellently. These shoes are, of course, practically practical in day-to-day life and especially in wet weather. The fact that women discovered these shoes only a few years ago is quite incomprehensible to many, because there have been the treads for the man since the 1830s. It was London shoemaker J.S. Hall, who invented the Chelsea Boots and thus set a whole new trend.

Beatle boat

The unmistakable shape of the shoes has not changed to this day. However, these shoes were also known only decades later, by the British boy band Die Beatles. After the four boys were wearing these shoes, the treads became a real cult in the 1960s. Simple and simple were these shoes still. Today, where women wear Chelsea boots, they are available in all variants.


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