mother's milk

Breastfeeding – far more than just nutrition

Breastfeeding means much more than the best and healthiest food for a child. It is also food for the soul. Breastfeeding also allows the infant to satisfy his need for body contact and proximity. What mothers have known in many primitive peoples from thousands of years has also been confirmed scientifically: for children the frequent […]

Drinking Coffee While Pregnant

Drinking Coffee While Pregnant: How much caffeine is harmful to the child?

Coffee is not to be imagined without the breakfast tables. And since coffee has become a fashion drink of us through numerous variations, it is often unconsciously enjoyed throughout the day. But what many people forget is that coffee contains caffeine. A psychoactive drug, which has a stimulating effect in small amounts but can be […]

arrival of baby

How to be prepared for the arrival of a baby

There are many parents who, faced with the imminent arrival of a baby, make every effort to organize everything for the arrival of the child. From that moment his life becomes an authentic odyssey of shopping and stores in which to choose the best option as soon as rapa of bed and table, or the […]