vaginal fungus

The vaginal fungus

The origin of a vaginal fungus is usually not a yeast fungus that is found on the body of humans. Men and women have him in different parts of the body. Usually it can be detected where it is moist and warm – for example, in the mouth or intestine ! Its small number is […]

Pilates for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a very special situation in the life of any woman, in addition to a period of constant physical and emotional changes. That is why, pre-natal Pilates is recommended as it improves physical and mental health. The Pilates Method is a very complete physical conditioning system in which body and mind work as a […]

Omega 3 during pregnancy

Omega 3 during pregnancy reduces colds in babies

The known benefits of consuming Omega 3 during pregnancy now have been confirmed that added prenatal supplements of fatty acid would be extremely effective in reducing colds in babies, in addition to helping to develop the brain and nervous system. What is recommended is to supplement the diet of the pregnant woman with Omega 3 […]