Instead of asserting myself, I attack …

In contrast to the flight, we obviously have the attack. Like flight, the attack is a natural and archaic behavior in the face of danger. Always the same story, always fear, the same fear of being in danger. When a person is aggressive, she is afraid. She does not feel strong enough, built to impose […]


Emotional intelligence and violence in school

As early as 1990, those who highlighted the concept of “emotional intelligence” at Case Western University were worried by alarming statistics that showed a surge in violence among the very young, unrest growing psyche in young adolescents. At the time, these statistics concerned the United States, but as lifestyles became more standardized, projections in a […]

baby's shoes

TIPS: When Buying children and baby’s shoes

Cute to look at are – fashionable shoes for children from the crab to the school age. Not infrequently, parents can be tempted to buy particularly pretty shoes for their child without having to deal more extensively with their equipment. It is particularly important to pay attention to good quality. Many problems which occur in […]


Everything worth knowing about the shoemaker Nike

Founded in 1972 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight, Beaverton is located in the US state of Oregon. Since 1989, the international sporting goods group has occupied the leading position among all the world’s competitors. Famous is Nike (pronounced Neiki) by its logo, which is called “Swoosh”. The Nike hook is one of the best-known […]

Warm Fabrics

Warm Colors, Warm Fabrics: Designer Modes For The Winter

It’s that time again. The winter has conquered the wardrobe – and for a few new, exclusive favorite pieces there is of course still space. Winter holds some trends. From sumptuous performances with precious stones, velvet and brocade to elegant simplicity, geometric forms and the simple black and white trend, everything is there. It may […]

A wonderful life for two

A wonderful life for two

Those who live in pairs can enjoy a great deal of freedom. Whether it is the housing arrangement, which only needs to be coordinated with the two, or things like food or business, as a couple one does not have to adhere to any specifications or under any constraints. So you can also enjoy the […]

relocation calculator

Help to relocate – the relocation calculator

If you are relocating, it is a good idea to use a relocation calculator. This helps you to overcome the move without worries. Most relocation calculators are offered by hauliers specializing in relocations. Various data are collected, in order to know what is coming along and what is not. For the relocation computer they need […]

green electricity

Use green electricity and save efficiently in annual consumption

Thanks to the industry, Nowadays, we have a whole range of possibilities to use efficient appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, which relieve both their own money and the environment. An increasing number of people are therefore returning to new devices, which have long proved their worth with their low power consumption. In most cases, […]


Feel like a Style Icon in Hollywood, L.A.

In Hollywood there are so many beautiful and stylish people as hardly in any other city. Over the years, L. A.’s present district has produced many stylistic elements. Marilyn Monroe, For example, who, with her blond curls and red lips, as well as her clothes, was both revered and feared by the women of her […]