vaginal fungus

The vaginal fungus

The origin of a vaginal fungus is usually not a yeast fungus that is found on the body of humans. Men and women have him in different parts of the body. Usually it can be detected where it is moist and warm – for example, in the mouth or intestine ! Its small number is […]

Crocs shoes

Crocs shoes – the cozy rubber boots

They are colorful, round and comfortable, the Crocs shoes from the USA, which have been running since 2002 as a triumph. Many colors are available – next to shrill turquoise and light green, there are also subtler colors, which are not so obvious. But just the colors love the fans of the Croc shoes, because […]


The right ladies’ shoes for everyday life

Feminine feet sometimes suffer greatly, for pointed, particularly narrow or high-heeled shoes add considerably to the joints and ankles, the toes, and balls. An evening in pumps or sandals with ten centimeters high heels is a strain for some women. Nevertheless, many want to do without the chic, the elegant or sexy-looking shoes radiate once. […]

Chelsea boots

Chelsea boots – not just for men

The Chelsea Boots were actually once classic men’s shoes, but as with many other modesty also, the women now have these at their feet. This has already been the case since 2011, with the designers here naturally having a feminine touch. For the ladies, the Chelsea boots are, of course, not just shoes that do […]

sweatshirts for women

Sweatshirts Are Always Modern

The times when sweaters were associated with crocheting grandmothers in rocking chairs and whistling grandfathers have long been past. But on the contrary. Cardigans are becoming more and more modern, a trend that has been going on for years. There is no end in sight. Whether exclusive designer collections, adequate business models or inexpensive leisure […]

Use colored contact lenses to spice up the outfit

Use colored contact lenses to spice up the outfit

Contact lenses are totally in. This applies, however, not only to people with a weak vision, but also to those who want to put highlights on their outfit with contact lenses. For this purpose, particularly colored contact lenses are suitable. These are available in different colors as well as with different patterns. This way, you […]

A wonderful life for two

A wonderful life for two

Those who live in pairs can enjoy a great deal of freedom. Whether it is the housing arrangement, which only needs to be coordinated with the two, or things like food or business, as a couple one does not have to adhere to any specifications or under any constraints. So you can also enjoy the […]