natural stone heating

What is natural stone heating?

The fact that apartments and houses were heated from a central location with central heating was a revolution in thermal technology in the 1950s. By the good alternative, the fuels gas and oil, the comfortable heating was made possible. Lack of resources, environmental pollution and the increased occurrence of allergic reactions are, however, reasons that […]

door intercom system

Electrics for door intercom systems

Who does not know this? In the news you can see reports of burglaries or raids, which also accumulate in rural areas more and more. Suddenly the bell rings. Outside it has been dawning for some time and you are home alone. Who does not open the window door, especially if the entrance area is […]

green electricity

Use green electricity and save efficiently in annual consumption

Thanks to the industry, Nowadays, we have a whole range of possibilities to use efficient appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers, which relieve both their own money and the environment. An increasing number of people are therefore returning to new devices, which have long proved their worth with their low power consumption. In most cases, […]

Counter-current systems

The pool at home

The pool is becoming a real dream for more and more people. At the time of purchase you should pay attention to for what you would like to use the pool. If the space in the garden is more suitable for a small pool and you do not want to miss it as a swimming […]