Breastfeeding Benefits and The Most Common Positions

The advantages of breastfeeding are apparently as follows:

For the child:

Mothers’ milk is superior to any form of fertility: it provides the child with immune defense from the mother, which has formed your body in the context of germs and pathogens. The child is optimally protected from infections
Mother’s milk always has the right temperature and composition.
Necessity for proximity and skin contact
less risk of developing an allergy
Breastfeeding favors the shaping of the jaw
Stem children are less likely to develop diabetes, childhood cancer, Crohn’s disease, coronary heart disease and celiac disease

For the mother:

Reconstruction of the uterus
The initial weight of the nut is more easily achieved
Less likely to develop breast cancer or ovarian cancer
Prevention of osteoporosis
Time and cost savings

The Most Common Positions for breastfeeding

Breastfeeding while lying down

They can breastfeed and rest at the same time. They lie completely on the side, also the shoulder lies flat on the underlay. An extra pillow under your head will help you to see your baby better. The baby is turned with his belly to your stomach, the mouth is at the level of the nipple. To bring the child to the breast, place her lower arm around the head and back of the child. His lower lip is touched with the nipple to open his mouth. When the baby opens the mouth wide, pull it quickly.

If you do not want to turn for the change to the second breast, you can hold the baby with a pillow slightly elevated. If you continue to the baby with the upper shoulder, it can drink at the second breast.

Breastfeeding while sitting – cradle

The baby is so in the arm, that it is completely on the side and is facing you with head, belly and legs completely turned. Baby’s ear, shoulder and hip form a line. The head is in your arm, the baby’s lower arm around your waist. The baby’s back is supported by your forearm. The mouth of the baby should lie at the level of the nipple. They gently caress the baby’s lower lip with the nipple and when it opens the mouth wide, it is moved to the breast with a speedy movement. It is important that you have a comfortable sitting position. A footrest can help you. You should not wear the baby’s weight but put your arm on one or two pillows. Relax between your shoulders.

Important: Child to breast not breast to child!

Backrest while breastfeeding

The child is at your side with your feet to the back. For this you need 2 or 3 large pillows to support yourself and the child well. Her forearm, lying on a pillow, holds the baby’s back, the head lies in the flat hand, the legs pointing to the back. In this position the outer area of ​​the chest is emptied particularly well.

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