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Brace yourselves… Wintersport is coming!

The winter is approaching in great steps and so we have the time to spend more time inside. But this is precisely why our defenses are in the basement and we are getting more quickly and more frequently. That’s why you should not do without regular sport in winter. For many people, it is absolutely unimaginable to go at temperatures around the 0 degrees in the sportswear to go on the streets and go for a round jog. But if you try it, you will soon realize that you can get a sweat within minutes.

This is why the right sportswear is all the more important in winter so you do not get cold. A head cover and gloves must not be missing in the winter, since much heat is released over the head and the hands. If you also sweat very easily on the head, you quickly get a cooling, especially when it is windy outside. On jewelery you should renounce, in the summer as well as in the winter, with the sport, since this easily broken and one thereby also easily injured can. If you wear a bracelet with metal as you find it in the Pandora jewelery, for example, and go out into the cold, the cold metal has always been applied to the wrist, which can be very unpleasant especially in sports.

The right winter sport

If one thinks of winter and sports, one usually first the classic winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and ice running. However, as you often go on holiday for only one or two weeks in winter, and you are doing these sports there and sometimes you can go ice-skating with friends or the family, you can not do these sports regularly. You do not have to do any other sport in winter than in summer, if you like jogging, cycling or nordic walking, you can do the same in the winter.

If you are not able to motivate yourself in winter, you can try out other sports that take place indoors, such as visiting a fitness center or swimming pool. However, as you are enjoying the fresh air, you should try to change the outdoor and indoor activities. However, after a strenuous exercise in the fitness center or swimming pool, a sauna saver is especially beneficial in the winter, relieves tension and also strengthens the immune system.

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